We like to keep things clean here at Twisted, not only because we are clean freaks but because we care about the ingredients in our products. Our recipe’s contain real fruit and dairy sourced locally from Australian farmers, natural plant-based sweeteners and quality Australian ingredients. We never, ever use anything artificial in our products.

All Twisted products have either lower levels of sugar or no-added sugar. So how do we create an indulgent treat without adding refined sugars? We use plant-based sweeteners including monk fruit which is a small green gourd that resembles a melon, xylitol which is birch Sugar naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables and erythritol which naturally occurs in fermented fruits and corn. These natural sweeteners allow us to create enjoyable, frozen treats for the whole family to enjoy without adding any nasties.

As an Australian made and owned business we are incredibly passionate about supporting local farmers. It is our belief that Australia’s farming industry and methods produce the best quality dairy and the most delicious fruit in the world. You can’t beat a delicious Queensland mango let’s be honest! The knock-on effect from that belief is that, as a small business, we can create jobs in Australia for Australians, allowing us to support the farming communities and those that work in our supply chain.

We are passionate about keeping our on-shelf prices affordable; we do our best to ensure our products are made with the highest quality ingredients, for the best price. Although we always use Australian ingredients, products such as xylitol and coconut cream are not native to Australia, so we must import these products through an Australian owned supplier.

Part of our mission at Twisted, is that we want to provide healthy, decadent treats for everyone to enjoy without having to think about added refined sugars. Twisted offer’s a range of 99% sugar free ice cream bars called Licks, which a directly accessible to the diabetic and keto community, as well as those who are looking to enjoy a delicious sugar free treat. This product contains 1.6g – 1.9g of carbs per serve, with a coconut cream base for healthy fats and depth of flavour.

On average 1 in 70 Australians suffer from coeliac disease and gluten intolerance. We have made sure that our recipes do not contain gluten so that our treats are more accessible.