Allergen advice: Made in a facility that also handles dairy.

Nuts are used in the facility where this product is made.

XYLITOL WARNING: Xylitol and dogs do not get along. Keep it away from your furry friends

Where can I buy your products?

Major Supermarkets such as Woolworths, Coles and Costco, as well as independent supermarkets. You can find your closest stockist here https://www.twistedhealthytreats.com.au/stockists/

Are your products Gluten Free?

Yes, the only product that contains gluten is our Skinny Minny Cookies and Cream 480ml Tub.

Do you use artificial sweeteners?

No, none of our products are sweetened artificially. All of sweeteners including Erythritol, Xylitol and Monk Fruit come from plants.

Are your products diabetic friendly?

All our products contain no added or lower amounts sugar however we do have 99% sugar free, low carb Lick Ice Cream range, that has been specifically designed with the Diabetic and Keto community in mind. However, we always recommend that you read the label and check the ingredients first, to make sure they are right for you.

I have a nut allergy; can I eat Twisted?

Our healthy treats do not contain nuts and are not made on a shared line with any other products containing nuts. There is a warning on our packaging to ensure that we cannot 100% guarantee that someone in our supply chain has been exposed to these substances.

Are your products made with 100% Australian Dairy?

Yes, we proudly only use 100% Australian Dairy

Are the ingredients GMO free?


Are your products vegetarian?


Is it true that you are Australia’s only female led frozen dessert manufacturer?

Yes, we are so proud to be Australia’s only female led and owned frozen dessert manufacturer. All of our products are manufactured at our factory in Alexandria, Sydney.

Contact Us

Whether you’re interested in stocking Twisted, have an event that Twisted could help with or just want to have a bit of a chit chat, get in touch on (02) 9557 9317 or at hello@twistedhealthytreats.com.au

Spreading a plume of yoghurty goodness over the streets of Sydney’s inner west is the little Twisted Factory.

It’s here we make our orders for distribution all around Australia. Our Yoghurt Enthusiasts are hard at work, fully adorned in super cool hair nets and lab coats to keep up with demand, supplying all you yoghurt loving people with your daily dose of Twisted.

Find Our Factory Outlet Here

Unit 5/163-173 McEvoy Street
Alexandria NSW 2015

Events & Catering

No Mess. No Fuss. No Machinery. Just Australia's Best Frozen Yoghurt to impress your guests.

Choose from any one of our flavours to have single serve yoghurts lovingly made for your event. We’ll deliver them chilled to perfection to your venue – just pop the lid and you’re away. Your guests will be ditching the canapes and heading straight for dessert.

If you’d like to send us an enquiry just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you in a flash.