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Rachael Budd is the founder and president of Transolve Global, a freight forwarding company that challenges the traditional ways of freight forwarding and uses innovative ways to ship cargo around the globe. Rachael started Transolve in 2006 as a one woman show and aimed to take the company from a domestic to international level, in which she succeeded to do so. Transolve Global is now a leader in the export market and specialises in helping their clients tap into a large number of markets with a personalised focus. Keep reading to find out just how Budd has used her innovative approach and girl boss hustle to succeed in such a male-dominated industry. Let’s read!

 Tell us a little bit about your career in freight forwarding? Is this something you were passionate about from the beginning of your work career?

I fell into the world of freight forwarding when I received an internship with a customs broker whilst in my teens. Although it was only 3 weeks it was both enough time and exposure for me to know that I wanted to continue working in the industry. I was intrigued by the world of exporting and importing as it was an industry that was simultaneously fascinating yet challenging, established yet innovative, and one I felt I could make a valuable contribution to. Following my internship, I immersed myself in freight forwarding and worked hard to gain as much exposure, knowledge, and experience as I could through my career, both in Australia and overseas.

After many years I had attained enough experience and knowledge to know that I wanted to create a business that challenged the status quo of freight forwarding, that delivered new efficient and effective ways of transporting food and beverage products, that optimised the supply chains in order to achieve better outcomes for clients, and so Transolve Global was created.

What has been your biggest achievement with Transolve Global?

My biggest achievement to date has been the growth and international expansion of Transolve Global. When I started Transolve it was a typical start up situation –  I was a one woman show, performing multiple roles until I had reached a point where I could hire a team, further develop our offerings and pursue growth strategically.

At this point in time, I set up our first office in Sydney. I then started to expand overseas – setting up our New Zealand office eight years ago, and our USA office quickly followed five years ago.

Our international presence has enabled us to provide personalised customer focus on a global scale. It also ensures we have a vast array of viable distribution channels around the world, which helps our clients tap into a large number of export markets.

Thanks to this growth both domestically and internationally, Transolve Global now has a stable of well-known clients with leading brands and operates throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, China, South East Asia, Europe and the UK.

How is Transolve global changing the game in an industry as vast and dynamic as freight forwarding?

We are changing the game, as we are more than just a freight forwarder. We are unique as we operate as an outsourced logistics organisation that provides holistic supply chain solutions.

Our systems, processes, technology and approach work in unison to provide the turnkey solutions our clients need to import and export with maximum efficiency, both from a time and cost perspective.

We don’t just transport and deliver, we work closely with our value chain partners to increase their capability and competitiveness and have an ultimate impact on sales, efficiency and profitability.

We can take care of the set up and management of the global logistics function, provide a unique and innovative commercial documentation management service and offer unrivalled transparency when it comes to our clients cargo.

Our innovative approach means we are continually striving to achieve cost savings and improve best practice for customers. We evaluate every situation with the goal of transporting cargo in the most risk-free, affordable and effortless manner and we have built a reputation for delivering the best value contracts.

Have you always had that girl boss hustle or was running a business something that you grew into?

 I honestly think the answer to both questions is yes. I’ve always had the hustle in me, which I think has helped tremendously in this male-dominated industry, plus it helped me land my first full-time role in freight forwarding as its this drive that saw me virtually harass my way into my first real job! I think running a business is something that emerged when I saw an opportunity to build a freight forwarding nosiness like no other.

What was your dream job as a kid and why?

I loved animals as a child (and I still do) and dreamt of being vet. Alas, one viewing of a cow having a caesarean section was enough to wake me up from that dream! I couldn’t stomach what I saw and quickly realised the veterinary world was not for me!

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to start their own business?

When I’m asked about starting a business, I always reflect on the image that shows two circles: one which represents your “comfort zone”, and the other which represents “where the magic happens”. Because it is so true that the magic happens far outside your comfort zone.

Running your own business is no mean feat. You have to be willing to live outside your comfort zone all the time. Not only do you have to consistently drive yourself and your team, you also have to be able to manage the inevitable up and down trajectory of business ownership. Sure there are times it’s exciting and fulfilling, but other times it can be frightening, lonely and stressful. But if you’re not feeling and experiencing you’re not learning and growing. Your comfort zone means you’re in auto pilot mode and this is not a realistic mode over the long-term for business owners.

What has 2020 taught you?

 This year has taught me many things. From a business perspective it has taught me that time and travel does not necessarily equate to more productivity.  Prior to 2020 I would’ve travelled to all my meetings, however this year has shown me there are more efficient ways to work such holding meetings via online conferencing. This new way not only saves time and money, but also creates a better work/life balance.

From a personal perspective it’s taught me to appreciate the little moments in life, to slow down and savour time with loved ones as you just never know what the future may hold.

If you could share a glass of wine with anyone (famous, not famous, living or dead) who would it be and why?

 I would love to share a glass of wine with Steve Jobs. I find his persistence, level of tenacity and growth mindset absolutely fascinating. He was a unique influence who wielded mass influence yet didn’t appear to be dominated by his ego. To get to know the individual who revolutionised the world of phones and computers would be absolutely engrossing.

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