Probiotics: a nice way to say good bacteria

You’ve probably heard the word probiotics thrown around here and there. But rather than just slapping it on our label, we’ve developed a way to maximise probiotics in Twisted products. And, to really understand the benefits of this, you need to know a bit more about what exactly probiotic means.

They really should have called them Glow-biotics… see what we did there?

So, your body… you know the one you walk around in every day? Well it needs lots of good bacteria to keep it working the way it should. Probiotics are some of those good bacteria that support your gut and ultimately your immune system. So when a nasty cold is flying around in your office air conditioning, probiotics are fuelling your immune system to make sure you don’t become its next victim. As a loyal Twisted follower, you’ll likely be the last one standing while all those others are off sick. We feel an Employee of the Month award coming on…

What makes Twisted Probiotic Power different?

We use Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086


BC30 helps with:

Love your guts
We’re talking about what’s going on inside, where your body is working overtime to make sure it can scrape every last ounce of goodness from your food.

What happens if you aren’t feeding that engine with the right fuel? You guessed it; total imbalance, complete chaos with a side helping of utter cray cray. And why, pray tell are we talking about all this? Because believe it or not, your gut has the ability to determine your mood, energy levels and state of mind. The brain might think it’s in control, but the gut is the silent partner that’s really making all the decisions.

Probiotic Power
Enter Twisted’s Probiotic Power

We harness the power of probiotics in our products to make sure that each and every spoonful of Twisted is working as hard as it possibly can for your good old gut. We’re looking out for your inner health with Twisted products, because we’re nice like that.

Probiotic Power not just a one trick pony

Aside from seriously helping your immune system, probiotics have loads of other benefits. They include:


Staying Alive
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive

Many ordinary probiotics found in ordinary boring old yoghurt can die after they’re eaten ☹. Which means that actually you’re not getting any benefit at all from them. Like John Travolta in his early twenties, Twisted’s Probiotic Power will well and truly be stayin’ alive. You see, the probiotics we use have been specifically chosen as they can withstand stomach acid (ew). This means that we’re delivering all the benefits of probiotics directly to your gut. Happy days.

Lite Ice Cream - Probiotic Power
Surely something that healthy can’t taste any good…

WRONG. There’s absolutely zero impact on the taste. So basically, we’re bumping up the health benefits of Twisted without you even realising. And it’s not like we’re just improving things slightly. With Probiotic Power, we’re adding one billion, that’s right one BILLION probiotics to each and every Twisted product. You. Are. Welcome.

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