October’s Twisted Sista | Michelle Wright

As many of you know Twisted was founded by Food Technologist and mum of three, Cass Spies and for this reason we are super passionate about female CEO’s and women in business. Along with Cass, the majority of the team at Twisted are women which is why we thought it was time to shine some light on the amazing girls that make up our own team, here at the Twisted Factory. So, let us introduce you to Michelle Wright, our Operations and Marketing Manager!

When did you start working at Twisted?

February 2012

What was your first role at Twisted? and are you in the same role today?

I started out as a casual worker and then became the Assistant Manager of our store in Bondi Beach and helped out and worked at all 4 of our retail stores once they had opened. I am now the Operations & Marketing Manager, so I get to look after all different aspects of Twisted. Every day for me is different which is why its so fun!

What do you like about working amongst an all female management team?

I love that we are all female – we are all really good friends and we just get sh*t done!!

What’s your funniest Twisted memory?

We have so many funny days at Twisted but it would have to be watching myself and Kirsty on the security camera in our Bondi Beach store “trying” to help remove a really large freezer from the store, over benches and around corners. You really had to be there but it was hilarious, we were crying of laughter and were NO help at all to the workmen!

Name one thing you LOVE about the Twisted Sista Campaign?

I love the Twisted Sista campaign because we get to celebrate other women in business. Women these days are absolutely killing it at being #girlbosses and they should be celebrated and rewarded!

What is your favourite Twisted Healthy Treat ?

Our chocolate froyo has always been my favourite from day 1, but I would have to say now it’s our Probiotic Frozen Yoghurt Juicy Mango! Absolutely to die for.

If you had to switch roles with someone in the team for a day, who would you switch with and why?

I don’t think I’d want to switch with anyone. Cass has shaped us into the roles we all have quite well and I personally love what I do because like I said before, I get to do soooo many different things here at Twisted.

What are you most likely doing when you aren’t working at the Twisted Factory?

When I am not at the Twisted factory I am normally catching up with friends and spending time with my family or planning holidays!


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