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In celebration of International Womens Day this March, we introduce you to a real food doctor, Belinda Randell. Being the founder of The Organic Cook, Belinda dedicates herself to being an in-home personal chef who tailored every menu to assist her clients’ wellness. She is also a certificated health coach, a nutritionist and a naturopathic therapist and now she is ready to start new challenges. If we had you at personal chef and you want to know more? Get reading to find out!

Tell us how your business works? Do you target a specific type of customer?

My business is an in-home personal chef service our clients are busy professionals, families and we have worked for actors, artists, CEO’S and anything else in between really!

Did something inspire you to start your business? Or was it just because of a love for cooking?

My father inspired me, he died of cancer when I was 32

As it mentioned in your website, people call you a ‘Food Doctor’. Can you tell us more about this?

My clients often come to me with chronic disease and they are seeing doctors, holistic practitioners and healthcare professionals. I work with them and sometimes their practitioner using Food as Medicine and also different diets to help alleviate any inflammation and always aim for remission which takes a bit of work but can be done with Food.

What is the biggest challenge to being an in-home chef?

Driving around Sydney in traffic can be frustrating, also when clients go away overseas last minute without much warning! I’m a problem solver though so can work in any kitchen really with limited equipmentJ

If you could talk to your 10 year old self, what do you want to tell her?

Keep moving and don’t worry too much, trust the process, be curious, compassionate and take time for self-care and friendships amongst all your creative drive and determination

What does ‘Eat Healthy’ mean to you?

Oh goodness don’t get caught up in food trends or hype, test things on your body, try different diets but if you really want to be healthy you must cook, or learn food preparation it’s the action this is super important.  I must admit I really walk my talk and don’t drink alcohol or coffee and have been eating organic food for 20 years. I take it very seriously as I have an autoimmune condition.

How would your BFF describe you?

Kind, compassionate, gentle, self-aware.

Tell us about another #GirlBoss who has inspired you

Wow so many at the moment I follow Lisa Messenger, Guru Jagat, Marie Forleo, also many female artists and musicians. Obviously over the years some of female clients have been CEO’s and powerful creative businesswomen I can’t name any but they have greatly inspired and influenced me. Sorry hard to choose only one!

Why did you choose to take part in our awesome Twisted Sista Campaign?

I read your other interviews and was moved by the women’s stories and interviews. Chelsea Ford from females in food introduced me to your products and my little daughter really likes them! Thank you!

What is the next step for The Organic Cook in 2020?

New projects, teaching and looking at social models of business. Keep growing and reaching more people.


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