Ivy Wu | April Twisted Sista

This April we here from one of our own Twisted Sista’s, Ivy Wu. Ivy chats to us about her time working at Twisted and her future aspirations. Learn a little about what goes on behind the scenes at Twisted HQ and what she learnt from being part of the Twisted team.

In your time at Twisted, what did you enjoy the most about working there?

I really enjoyed working with the all-female team! You girls are always passionate about your job and pay attention to every detail. Just like Cass said, you girls are the best ones for your job! It was my honour to work with the team!

Oh! One more thing, I could try different flavours of our delicious products every day!!!

What is something you learnt from working at Twisted?

Definitely is about content creation. Before I worked here, I didn’t know how to actually create content for a brand or product. Now I found that it is fun but also you need to be CREATIVE!!! Besides, I learnt how to work in a professional manner in the Australian workplace. Thanks to this working experience, I developed my skills and knowledge in marketing aspect!

How did you find out about Twisted and why did you choose to join the team?

I was selected to join a local industry placement program of the University of Sydney after 3 assessments. Through this program, I matched with Twisted who was looking for a marketing intern to provide information about the Asian market.

As for why I joined the team because I was interested in the brand’s story and the products (They look so quite!) And I really admired Cass as a girl boss. Meanwhile, my knowledge and my Asian background could satisfy the company’s need.

Favourite Twisted Treat?

Watermelon & Mango mini Froyo!!! Always my number one pick!

What is something you love about the Twisted Sista campaign?

I can get to know lots of awesome female in business. Their stories inspire me to pursue my goals!

If you could have a chat with a Twisted Sista that we have previously interviewed who would it be? and why?

I would love to chat with Victoria Mills! We met once in a meeting and I admired her. She had the aura of elegance and confidence, which I wanted to have. And she is a life coach who I can get advice from!

What’s something that you didn’t know about the frozen dessert industry before you worked at Twisted?

I didn’t know that in Western countries, consumers are looking for a healthy product even for a frozen dessert. Cause in Asia, we still think of Ice cream it’s a treat that at the expense of one’s health. And there are so many products that claim they only have goodness, but it is not true. So, it is important to inform and educate the consumer which product is the best. Besides, vegan-friendly and keto-friendly product is now the market trend in the frozen dessert industry.

What are your plans for the rest of 2020?

My plan for 2020 is about building my career. Currently, I am in my last semester as a master student at the University of Sydney Business School and I am actively looking for opportunities in marketing and data analysis. So for me, 2020 is a year full of challenges and I am ready for it.

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