December Twisted Sista | Chelsea Ford

This month we spoke to Chelsea Ford, founder of Females in Food and a well trusted business coach. Chelsea talks to us about her journey in the Food manufacturing industry to her passion for supporting women in business. We love what Chelsea had to say and we know you will too!

Tell us briefly what an average work day looks like for you

I wish there was something average about my work day. I use to think I like change, dynamism and variety and then I started my own business. Haha!

The only two things that make my day average right now are I wake up early, normally by 6am at the latest, and I get straight into work. I use to be better at having a spiritual practice first up but that’s gone out the window since recently making changes in my business that’s demanded a lot of early morning thinking and doing time.

The other average thing in my day is communicating with the students of my Foodpreneurs Formula program inside my private Facebook group. Their success means the world to me and I like to coach and check-in with them most days.

What made you start your own business? Have you always had that Girl Boss Hustle? Or was it something that you grew into?

Ever since primary school I wanted to be in the food and drink industry, I’ve pretty much always hustled and I’ve always wanted to be the #boss!! I went to hotel school and travelled overseas with hotels and later with bigger food manufacturing businesses but it wasn’t until I made a move out on my own, to consult to the smaller end of town, that I saw the real struggles women-led small food and drink businesses experience. I wanted to help as many of them as I could – more than I was able to in my consulting business, so in the Spring of 2016 an idea came to me and that was to combine my business acumen with my love of the artisan food and drink industry. That idea was Females in Food – an online network and program to help women build amazingly successful food and drink businesses. And I’ve never looked back.

Tell us about another #GirlBoss who has inspired you

Carolyn Creswell of Carman’s Kitchen rocks my world. I deeply admire how she paid $1000 for a fledgling muesli business, got to know her customer really, really well, stayed the course against the big end of town such as Nestle and Kellogg and has built a multi-million dollar business that has a presence in many countries and has stayed true to it’s values of customer’s first and great ingredients. I interviewed her last year and I found her so clever and humble. A winning combination.

Name one thing on your MUST-DO list for 2020

A time when I feel that there is nothing to do. Preferably whilst drinking wine in an exotic location with my wonderful husband.

What do you love most about being a business coach?

Coaching is such an exciting profession, especially in a niche such as food and drink. I love to share my experience with people who are so god damn creative and clever it makes my heart sing. To see artisans I coach grow their business and move from survival mode to knocking it out of the ball park with their results, so they can continue to do what they love, is very fulfilling.

What’s a word of advice you would give for anyone wanting to start their own business?

To answer three questions before they do anything;

1. What are they great at
2. What is going to make their product or service different to anyone else doing what they do and
3. Do other people care about what it is they want to offer.

The last point is just a way of asking, is there a market for what they want to create.

How would your BFF describe you?

Passionate, hard-working and courageous.

If you could share a glass of wine with anyone (famous, not famous, living or dead) who would it be?

Michelle Obama – the woman is feminine, smart and caring. I long to be an inch of what she has in spades.

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