August’s Twisted Sista | Georgia Wright

In August we spoke to the gorgeous Georgia Wright, owner of one of Australia’s leading fashion brands, Peppermayo. Fuelled from a passion for fashion and seeking a creative outlet, Georgia started off her company seven years ago in her early twenties and hasn’t looked back.

What is your favourite thing about running your own business?

My favourite thing would be watching things grow and develop over time and from start to finish along with seeing the whole process and being across so many departments and aspects of a company. I’ve learnt so much in seven years – things I never thought I would know about.

Have you always had an interest in fashion?

Yes! That’s the straight forward answer haha I think it’s a great creative outlet and lets people express themselves

How many people make up the Peppermayo team?

15-20 at the moment

What was your dream job as a kid and why?

I had many (many haha) dream jobs as a kid. The first was a radio host, then managing a hotel and then being a graphic designer at a magazine. After moving to Sydney I knew I wanted a creative outlet and that combined with a love for fashion Peppermayo was born.

Do you think it’s important to create an emphasis around women in business?

I think women supporting and uplifting other women in business is important. It can be really daunting and tough starting, owning and growing business so I think helping and encouraging other women where you can is essential!

What was the inspiration behind the name ‘Peppermayo’?

Lets just say its inspired by one of my favourite fast foods 😉

Briefly give us a run down of your typical day at Peppermayo HQ

I’ll be honest I’m still super hands on and am across every single aspect of the business. This ranges from buying to marketing to creative to warehouse and IT. I’m on emails from 6am – 11pm daily however my main focus and role within Peppermayo is buying, production and marketing.

What is your favourite Twisted Healthy Treat’s flavour?

Burnt caramel & coconut – hands down!

If you could share a glass of wine with anyone (famous, not famous, living or dead) who would it be and why?

DRAKE – make it tequila though!

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