ACN Beetle in a Box podcast feat. Cass Spies

What an amazing experience, featuring as a guest on the Beetle in a Box podcast.

I spoke of my journey with the business so far, what and who has inspired me along the way and how I have navigated the sometimes challenging times in business.

It was an opportunity to discuss how I have followed in the footsteps of my entrepreneurial father and how passionate myself and the team are about creating a product that is both yummy and healthy for kids.

Twisted is growing all the time and my passion for healthy living and eating is key to how this I am driving Twisted to grow and challenge the many issues in the less healthy food industry.

Balancing business growth, the team, as well as my family during this journey has not been easy however I strive to be at the forefront of this changing industry and helping society to be healthier. Enjoy!

Cass Spies, Twisted’s Founder & Managing Director

Click here to listen: https://www.acnetwork.com.au/podcast/episode/4abeb4eb/cass-spies-co-founder-and-managing-director-of-twisted-healthy-treats

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