Twisted Frozen Yoghurt Founder Cass Spies

Started in 2010 by mother of three and Food Technologist, Cass Spies, the team
at Twisted is totally obsessed with creating Australia’s best yoghurt.

The yoghurt is all natural and 97% fat free, gluten free and contains live and active cultures for balanced inner health.
And yes… that’s real yoghurt you can taste in your tub.

All our tubs are lovingly crafted using real and authentic ingredients. Strawberry means strawberries, vanilla
means vanilla beans and when we say chocolate, we most certainly mean choc-o-late. It’s that simple really.

100% locally owned and proudly Australian, each and every flavour is made from our own recipe using only
the finest natural ingredients from local farmers and suppliers to bring you Australia’s best yoghurt.

Our commitment is to treat and delight each and every customer with a healthy and memorable
Twisted Frozen Yoghurt experience.

Our Mission

At Twisted we are a dedicated and committed bunch of yoghurt groupies on a mission to share our love of frozen yoghurt with the world, that means you! We provide a high energy, inspiring and fun place to be, delivering delicious and healthy products to every customer. We aim to make people’s day with magic moments and world class customer service.

There’s no flavour we won’t experiment with, no superfood we won’t squeeze every ounce of goodness out  of in our quest to bring you and your family Australia’s best frozen yoghurt.

Aussie Dairy Goodness

Where does it all start? With a cow of course. Maybe not this guy precisely, but with Australian dairy milk. Providing the perfect base for our Twisted creations to begin, this and all of the products we use to make Twisted, are sourced in Australia. Making us as True Blue as they come.

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